Why was Ethics Squared started?

Ethics education has become a process of presenting people with technical rules pertaining to specific, siloed disciplines. In reality, many ethics issues are made “in the moment,” under pressure and frequently influenced by the decision maker’s subconscious dynamics when rules and policies are not top of mind. At Ethics Squared, our goal is to equip individuals and organizations with practical, helpful tools to navigate today’s complex world.

What experience does Ethics Squared have in ethics education and consulting?

Founder Victoria Vuletich, CEO and founder of Ethics Squared LLC, has spent most of her career in applied ethics – which focuses on how ethics works in real life. She has extensive experience in ethics education, coaching and consulting. A lawyer by training, she worked for nine years as staff ethics counsel and as the deputy director of the Professional Standards Division of the State Bar of Michigan, where she advised lawyers on how to resolve ethical dilemmas they faced in their cases.

After nine years at the State Bar of Michigan, Vuletich joined the WMU Cooley Law School faculty where for thirteen years she taught Professional Responsibility, and continued ethics consulting for lawyers and law firms. She retains the title of Distinguished Emeritus Professor at the school. She is also a board member of the Western Michigan University Center for the Study of Ethics in Society.

She has been a guest lecturer at a number of organizations including Oxford University UK and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

What is Ethical Wellness or Ethical Wisdom?

Ethical Wellness and Ethical Wisdom is the capacity of individuals and organizations to make good ethics decisions and create strong ethical cultures. Like other types of wellness or wisdom, it exists in varying degrees of depth and breadth. Most ethics education focuses on ethical knowledge i.e. – rules and policies. Ethical wisdom and wellness are about having the skills necessary to successfully navigate today’s complicated world and contribute to creating strong ethical cultures not just in the workplace, but also in our communities.

Why are these characteristics important in daily life? In a work environment?

The headlines are full of stories of tarnished brands and hobbled careers resulting from inadequate ethics decisions. The stakes are often high in ethics decisions. Productivity and enjoyment grow when individuals and organizations have greater Ethical Wisdom and Ethical Wellness.

How do you grow Ethical Wisdom & Ethical Wellness?

Through one-on-one coaching, consulting, public speaking and group classes grounded in active learning principles, Ethics Squared creates a personalized roadmap for ethical development to fit the specific needs of each person or organization.

Which service is right for me/my business?

Sometimes entities and individuals know intuitively what service they need– whether that is educational training for their employees, individual coaching for leaders or team members, or expert consulting advice in navigating ethics issues. It is not unusual, though, to simply have a sense that culture and decision making dynamics could be better than what they are and not know how or where to start. Ethics Squared can help you assess the situation and suggest a personalized roadmap for ethical development, utilizing the services of Ethics Squared or other providers in the Ethics Squared network of resources.

How can I get started with Ethics Squared?

Reach out via email at victoria@ethicssquaredllc.com or phone at (616) 272-5950 to see if Ethics Squared is right for your needs.