Most people want to be ethical.

Do you inspire them to be ethical? Or do you just tell them to be ethical?

Ethics infuses every aspect of an organization’s culture, from Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Leadership, Team Communication to Problem Solving. Ethics are the values of an organization. And values are what your leaders, managers and supervisors do, day in and day out, not what the corporate values statement, code of conduct, or compliance trainings say they are.

Values are important. Inspire your people.

Victoria Vuletich

What people are saying about Victoria Vuletich and Ethics Squared:

“Victoria did an excellent job presenting the material. It was very beneficial information.”

“Important topic that was presented in an excellent and very fun way.”

“Liked the new way of thinking about ethical decisions.”

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National Wellness Institute / Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation / Grand Valley State University / Hertford College / ICLE / The Hauenstein Center
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+Modernize your code of conduct and values statement so people feel they are making the world a better place to be.

+Use your ethics and compliance programs to inspire, not simply educate, your team.

+Leverage the natural, and scientifically proven, human desire to be ethical.

Ethics decisions are important

Preparing ourselves to make good ones should be practical, helpful, and fun

Your team already wants to do the right thing. Inspire them to do it.